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				  Product Revenue Realization
Product Revenue Realization

Success Stories

EMC Consulting Product Revenue Realization services can help you implement the processes and systems you need to maximize revenue from new products and business models.


When traditional voice-centric networks were the standard, mediation software typically collected one call detail record (CDR) per event from telephony switches. These were reconciled, reformatted, and passed to the billing system.

In today’s converged services environments, events, regulatory obligations, partner agreements, royalty payments and settlements must be handled in an integrated fashion with minimal fallout, revenue leakage, or risk.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting offers a comprehensive approach to product revenue realization.

Billing services address:

  • Real-time billing transformation
  • Micro-transaction billing solutions
  • Billing vendor evaluation and selection
  • Migration planning and execution
  • Billing operations methods and procedures
  • Platform configuration and testing

Data Collection services include:

  • Usage event capture and processing architecture
  • Mediation platform vendor evaluation and selection
  • Revenue assurance process optimization
  • Application service provider integration and testing

Partner Relationship Management services address:

  • Relationship management strategy
  • On-boarding process improvement
  • Contracts management
  • Revenue sharing and settlement
  • Platform configuration and testing

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Consulting Product Revenue Realization services enable you to:

  • Identify areas of revenue leakage and revenue lift.
  • Estimate the value of improved capabilities.
  • Create a blueprint for realizing tangible benefits.

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