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				  Network Inventory and Asset Management
Network Inventory and Asset Management

Success Stories

EMC Consulting Telecommunications Media and Entertainment (TME) Network and Asset Management services enable companies to implement effective inventory management solutions for their network and assets.


Success in the TME industry hinges on the ability to optimize and leverage investments in network and digital assets. To do this, you need to:

  • Integrate assets from previous industry consolidation.
  • Consolidate product-focused assets into a unified repository.
  • Inventory existing physical assets while considering future challenges.
  • Revamp asset management systems to support next-generation services.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting provides:

Network Inventory Management

  • Future-state visioning
  • Network modeling
  • Inventory capture strategy and implementation
  • Inventory management platform configuration and integration
  • Operations process management
  • Systems outcomes management
  • Inventory Assessment and Tune-up
  • Expertise with leading applications (e.g., Telcordia Granite, MetaSolv )

Digital Asset Management

  • Multimedia and content delivery strategy and roadmap
  • Business models/scenario planning
  • Targeting and cross/up-sell methods
  • Delivery platform implementation and integration
  • Digital rights management implementation
  • Supply chain management

Measurable Outcomes

Our extensive experience with industry-leading models and platforms enables you to reduce the risk of complex implementations. With improved asset management and optimized inventories, you can:

  • Reduce capital and operating expense.
  • Enable better utilization of existing assets.
  • Improve network management and customer service.


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