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				  Interactive Advertising
Interactive Advertising

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EMC Consulting helps companies marry strategy and technology solutions to implement interactive advertising platforms which let advertisers target and engage consumers across delivery channels.


New advertising models have emerged which allow ad sellers to combine ad campaign management with detailed customer information. These models merge ad delivery infrastructure with customer knowledge to provide unprecedented targeting capabilities.

But these solutions require the integration of web, TV, and mobile delivery platforms with complex process management systems. Companies need to develop clear architectures and implementation approaches that address everything from ad campaign management to revenue sharing and settlement.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting offers proven methodologies, real-world experience, and a forward-thinking approach to business, technical, and operational challenges. We provide:

  • Advertising strategy and business planning.
  • Revenue recognition and ad unit modeling.
  • Implementation roadmap development.
  • Vendor evaluation.
  • Multi-vendor architecture and integration.
  • Dashboard reporting and analytics.
  • Ad operations processes and workflows.
  • Behavioral, contextual, and demographic targeting models.

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Consulting Interactive Advertising services help you:

  • Explore content monetization alternatives to develop optimum business strategy.
  • Develop industry segment specific reference architectures for interactive advertising.
  • Select campaign management, targeting, and delivery platforms.
  • Implement interactive advertising solutions.

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