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				  Commercial Strategy and Operations
Commercial Strategy and Operations

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EMC Consulting Commercial Strategy and Operations services enable life sciences companies to evolve beyond traditional call/sample/detail tactics. We help you combine available information and a keen understanding of spend-impact to manage physician and patient accounts.


At the same time that the industry is increasing emphasis on “value added services” to gain access to key physicians and influencers, companies are reviewing marketing and sales effectiveness in the face of increasing pressure on costs. Success depends on managing multiple sources of customer profile, activity, and results data and then turning it into actionable information to meet customer needs.

Our Approach

Commercial Strategy and Operations services include:

  • Multi-channel strategy, roadmap, integration and analytics.
  • Master Reference Data Solutions including customer, product, and organization solutions.
  • Marketing effectiveness programs including process re-design, product launch readiness, collateral management, primary segment surveys, promotional mix optimization..
  • Sales effectiveness programs including process re-design, sales model innovation, field manager effectiveness, incentive compensation tools, PDRP adaptation.
  • Customer data integration including data quality processes and remediation, technology implementation.
  • Commercial analytic solutions based on internal activity and profile data, and traditional and non-traditional third-party data.
  • Vendor product and package selection.

Measurable Outcomes

Commercial Strategy and Operations services improve your commercial operations so that you:

  • Develop a single view of the customer across functions and transactions.
  • Understand customer needs and values.
  • Define and develop new relationship models.
  • Redefine customer value to increase return on physician spend

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