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				  Collaborative Breakthrough
Collaborative Breakthrough

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Innovation and speed-to-market are increasingly becoming key competitive differentiators for businesses. However, building and managing positive change across departmental boundaries within an organization is challenging. EMC Consulting creates a collaborative environment and provides the background and context you need to successfully develop, agree on, and adopt innovative concepts and breakthrough ideas.


Most organizations lack the processes, tools, and mindset required to innovate and implement change. To bring a creative idea to life, you need to:

  • Perform extensive analysis and research to provide background and context for discussion.
  • Engage the entire organization.
  • Collaborate on developing and implementing change.

Our Approach

The EMC Collaborative BreakthroughSM framework integrates the industry’s most effective large-scale organizational change methodologies with contemporary practices on innovative thinking and design. We use this framework to help you:

  • Develop future visions.
  • Innovate concepts and breakthrough ideas.
  • Achieve consensus and adoption.

In a workshop, our industry experts share industry and technical insights, models, examples, and demonstrations. We help you look at a problem from multiple points of view, hone in on key ideas and themes, and systematically examine and test the ideas generated. We then help you select the optimal solution path, detail the solution, and develop concise implementation plans.

Measurable Outcomes

Collaborative Breakthrough can dramatically reduce the time required to develop innovative solutions and craft implementation plans. Simultaneously engaging and aligning your entire organization—and even your customers—can result in breakthroughs that take your organization in innovative new directions and lead to marketplace success.

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