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				  User Experience and Information Architecture
User Experience and Information Architecture

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EMC’s user experience experts and Information Architects design, develop, and deliver intuitive digital experiences that enable users to quickly accomplish tasks and access information. Our consultants create powerful visual designs that engage and inform employees, partners, and customers.


Systems designed with easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces can cut transaction time in half, improve productivity, and save costs. Creating these interfaces can be challenging as corporate branding guidelines, a wide variety of user roles, and diverse skill levels can present seemingly competing requirements.

Our Approach

EMC guides you through every stage in creating visual designs and information taxonomies. We start by interviewing employees, assessing current processes, and creating a concept model. Our unique method of requirements gathering and validation via interviews and workshops involves users throughout the project.

Next we create preliminary designs using process flows, wireframes, and prototypes, and review and test these designs with users. Visual cues, typography, color, and iconography are used to make information easier to find and understand, to shape and reinforce the desired brand personality, and to clearly communicate information in a pleasing, compelling format.

Measurable Outcomes

We deliver intuitive digital experiences that enable users to quickly accomplish tasks and access information. Our easy-to-use systems increase employee and customer satisfaction and decrease expenditures on technical support and training.

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