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				  Assessment for Oracle Virtualization
Assessment for Oracle Virtualization

Descriptive Info

The EMC Application Virtualization Readiness Assessment for Oracle enables you to develop a virtualization strategy, system design, and implementation plan for a virtual Oracle system.

This on-site assessment will evaluate constraints and dependencies across your Oracle applications and infrastructure, providing the information needed to scope and plan your virtual Oracle environment.

The result is a detailed assessment of your Oracle environment and its ability to meet readiness criteria. You will also receive high-level recommendations for your virtual Oracle infrastructure.


Virtual Oracle applications deliver significant benefits, including lower cost of ownership, reduced CPU licensing, server consolidation, and rapid provisioning. But to achieve these benefits you need to consider:

  • Application dependencies
  • Platform dependencies
  • Governance processes
  • Administrative staff

Our Approach

EMC Consulting works directly with your IT and business teams and employs a combination of automated tools, best practices, and subject matter experts to:

  • Assess the business requirements of the virtual Oracle environment.
  • Identify Oracle application, server, and database dependencies.
  • Capture and review system requirements.
  • Review high availability requirements and recommend solutions for the virtual Oracle environment.
  • Analyze performance characteristics and estimate resources required for the virtualized Oracle environment.

Measurable Outcomes

With more than 100 Oracle application modules and 500 database environments, EMC maintains one of the largest Oracle implementations. We have virtualized over 90 percent of our Oracle environment and have realized:

  • 82 percent savings in hardware
  • 30 percent savings in full-time employee management time
  • 5:1 reduction in data warehouses
  • 10x increase in performance of the Oracle environment

EMC Consulting can help you achieve similar benefits.


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