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				  Oracle Infrastructure Services
Oracle Infrastructure Services

Descriptive Info

EMC Oracle Infrastructure Services help enable flexibility, speed deployment, and reduce risk within your Oracle environment. With deep knowledge of Oracle environments and infrastructure technologies, we provide the expertise to design an optimal solution to achieve your requirements for performance, scalability, availability and rapid recovery.


Oracle customers are looking for ways to extend the value of their IT investment. Because Oracle databases and applications support mission-critical business processes, customers need to:

  • Lower information costs and enable infrastructure flexibility.
  • Leverage infrastructure capabilities to accelerate upgrades.
  • Simplify infrastructure management.
  • Manage explosive growth.
  • Meet performance and availability requirements.
  • Ensure business continuity and security across Oracle environments.

Our Approach

Leverage EMC expertise in both Oracle applications and infrastructure to enable you to successfully align an optimal technology solution to your Oracle requirements. Our approach helps you reduce storage infrastructure costs with an infrastructure that meets and exceeds service-level agreements and provides tiered storage flexibility. Additionally, we can help you leverage your infrastructure capabilities to accelerate upgrades and migrations and simplify ongoing management.

Measurable Outcomes

Our proven expertise helps you optimize the way EMC and Oracle technologies are deployed and managed together so that you can:

  • Meet increased service level requirements.
  • Lower risk by eliminating the complexity of high-availability enterprise infrastructures.
  • Improve the ROI of your IT investments through best practices and recommendations for both Oracle and infrastructure management
  • Ensure availability and recovery by leveraging proven expertise and technologies for application uptime and recovery.