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Application Virtualization
Application Virtualization

Increase IT utilization and efficiency and manage upgrades and backups more easily through virtualization of business critical applications. EMC Consulting's process for transforming applications ensures success:

  • Strategy — Analyze and rationalize the application portfolio.
  • Design — Apply profile application characteristics, design, pilot, and test.
  • Implement — Migrate applications to a virtual environment.
  • Operations — Develop effective processes for IT management.

EMC Consulting has a deep understanding of both applications and virtual environments. Our virtualization services can help you improve your applications' performance, increase availability, improve recoverability, and simplify management.

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Growth in business information continues to accelerate, driven by applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server. IT budgets remain constrained and investing in more servers and storage to support these growing Microsoft applications is rarely the best strategy.

A more effective long term solution is to rearchitect the applications and the infrastructure to support a consolidated and virtualized environment: Challenges to overcome include: optimizing inconsistent IT environments, rapid deployment and adoption of a virtualized infrastructure and ensuring business continuity while virtualizing.


EMC Consultants have the required skills and experience across a range of technologies including:

  • The knowledge to rearchitect the application that is to be virtualized
  • The experience to design and deploy the virtualized environment
  • The migration skills to ensure that production application data is migrated without impacting the business.
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Virtualize enterprise applications like Oracle and SAP to streamline IT management, improve high availability and disaster recovery, and reduce testing and development time. EMC's expertise in applications, virtualization, and data centers can help you to create an environment where you can:

  • Move an application and provision or deprovision resources on demand.
  • Improve high availability and disaster recovery by establishing common processes for backup, recovery and site failover across applications.
  • Speed application testing, development, and rollout through faster provisioning.

EMC Consulting can help you to:

  • Deploy a virtualized infrastructure quickly.
  • Ensure application and information availability.
  • Create effective plans to ensure business continuity.
  • Become more agile and responsive to changing business requirements.


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