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header-type-rsa-securid-software-tokens RSA SecurID Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) BUNDLES AVAILABLE THROUGH THE EMC STORE

RSA SecurID Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)

The RSA SecurID Mobile SDK enables end users to seamlessly authenticate through mobile applications utilizing an integrated RSA SecurID Software Token.

Mobile application developers and customers with the proper technical expertise can embed RSA SecurID technology to provide strong one-time password (OTP) authentication without altering the familiar user experience of entering a user name and password. Instead of prompting the user to manually enter the one-time token code, the embedded RSA SecurID solution can supply the token code automatically.

The same software token can still be used outside the mobile application for traditional authentication tasks, such as when the user needs a one-time password to access an online application from a VPN or web portal.

The RSA SecurID Mobile SDK is available for download from the RSA Mobile Authentication Community.