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RSA NetWitness: The Revolutionary Approach to Network Monitoring RSA NetWitness SIEMLink The revolutionary approach to network monitoring

RSA NetWitness SIEMLink

Security means knowing when and where a threat exists, and understanding its scope and magnitude, so you can take action before damage is done. RSA NetWitness SIEMLink extends your existing security- monitoring infrastructure by empowering it with the deep knowledge and analytics needed to react more effectively to incidents.

SIEMLink enables instant integration of the RSA NetWitness network-monitoring platform with security information and event management (SIEM) and other existing enterprise security technologies. SIEMLink is a Microsoft Windows utility designed to act as a transparent, real-time translator of security-event data between Web-based consoles such as SIEM systems and network and system management (NSM) programs.

SIEMLink requires no special coding or systems integration to link an organization’s existing SIEM with RSA NetWitness. It enables RSA NetWitness customers to augment and empower any existing SIEM; security-intelligence, intrusion-detection, or logging console; or enterprise network-management system with no integration effort

SIEMLink provides the data that incident-response and cyber-threat-analysis teams need to fuse security-event telemetry with the detailed session analysis provided by RSA NetWitness.