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RSA NetWitness: The Revolutionary Approach to Network Monitoring RSA NetWitness Data Leakage The revolutionary approach to network monitoring

RSA NetWitness Data Leakage

According to Forrester, 85 percent of organizations using content filtering technologies do not implement the filtering component because of concerns with false positives. Content review technologies embedded in these products have been hampered by the limited number of protocols parsed by these systems and the flawed assumption that adversaries—external or internal—will use standard business communication methodologies such as Web, email, and chat to leak data out of your network.

Network Security Monitoring Must Evolve and be Agile to Combat Data Leakage

If you are concerned about protecting your organizational data and preventing data leakage, the only way you can be confident that data is not leaving your network is by knowing everything that happens across the network. RSA NetWitness provides pervasive visibility into content and behavior to ensure that your sensitive and classified information, your customers' personally identifiable information (PII), your intellectual property, and your other valuable data is protected from accidental and intentional leakage. For example, RSA NetWitness Informer captures all network traffic and reconstructs network sessions to the application layer for automated alerting and monitoring. RSA NetWitness Spectrum and RSA NetWitness Visualize provide visual inspection of content traversing the network.