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RSA Identity Management and Governance Family RSA Identity Management and Governance Access Governance for Today’s Enterprise

Centralize and automate identity lifecycle management, policy enforcement, and provisioning.

RSA Access Certification Manager

Review and validate user access, ensuring it’s appropriate based on role and job function.

RSA Access Fulfillment Express

Automatically provision access changes by easily connecting to application, data, and cloud resources.

RSA Access Request Manager

Deploy a centralized, business user-friendly approach to access request, approval, provisioning, and password management for all resources.

RSA Business Role Manager

Simplify access management activities by easily discovering and defining business and technical roles.

RSA Data Access Governance

Gain visibility and control of ownership and entitlements across thousands of file shares, servers, and Microsoft SharePoint sites.

RSA MyAccessLive

Leverage cloud-based identity and access governance for on-premise and cloud applications.


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