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RSA Identity Management and Governance RSA Adaptive Directory Identity Management and Governance for the hybrid enterprise

RSA Adaptive Directory

RSA Adaptive Directory delivers a global view of identity on top of existing identity infrastructure. It uses model-driven virtualization to externalize identity out of disparate silos into a common, interoperable service.

This flexible, scalable virtualization layer hides the heterogeneity of existing identity sources, providing simple, logical, standards-based access to all the identities within the organization.

A flexible identity service is critical to any initiative requiring secure access to a global list of users, along with their complete identity profiles—including web access management with RSA Access Manager, authentication, identity federation, and fine-grained authorization.

RSA Adaptive Directory delivers:

  • Single identity source for secure access management – Get one virtual view of all users and rationalize duplicates—on top of existing identity infrastructure.
  • 360-degree user profile – Build a complete user profile, bringing together all attributes across heterogeneous identity-data sources.
  • Intuitive wizard-driven interface – Simplify common identity-configuration tasks in minutes, without time-consuming customization and synchronization.
  • Scalable infrastructure – Get the scalability and high availability necessary to run the most mission-critical business applications.
  • Advanced persistent caching – Rely on always-up-to-date identity information.

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