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RSA Digital Certificate Manager RSA Validation Manager Secure environment for digital certificates

RSA Validation Manager

RSA Validation Manager enables immediate validation of digital certificates to ensure the integrity of electronic communications and transactions for organizations and government agencies.

 Validation Manager offers the following features:

  • Enhanced security – More efficient and reliable method for checking the status of digital certificates than Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs). Real-time certificate status checking minimizes the risk of revoked certificates being deemed valid.
  • Enterprise certificate validation management – Highly scalable, industry-standards-based validation of digital certificates to meet the needs of today’s demanding online environment.
  • Seamless integration – Real-time status checking capabilities for Microsoft and other third-party applications such as email clients, web browsers, and web servers, using Microsoft Common Application Programming (CAPI) interface.
  • High reliability, availability, and performance – Support for multiple certificate authorities and millions of users. Accelerated performance with Federal Information Processing standards (FIPS) Level 3-certified Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).