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Vulnerability Risk Management

Enterprises are overwhelmed with security data: terabytes of vulnerability scans, configuration databases, system logs, and thousands of unknown IP addresses.

At the same time, organizations don’t adequately understand this data and find it hard to answer:

  • How many assets do we have?
  • What is the business context of each asset?
  • What is the risk to my enterprise from vulnerabilities detected?

IT security analysts can find it extremely difficult to parse these volumes of data. At the same time, management struggles to correlate key performance indicators (KPIs) with security information.

RSA VRM’s Big Data-powered analytics engine analyzes and correlates vulnerability and threat-intelligence data and identifies as issues the vulnerabilities impacting an organization’s assets. An easy-to-use dashboard presents alerts prioritized by issues, assets, and vulnerabilities along with workflow status and custom KPIs. The security analyst can quickly determine new or high-severity vulnerabilities and generate tickets for remediation.

VRM’s management module integrates VRM analytics with reporting, workflows, and a risk-management framework to enable data-driven decisions and integrate KPIs into plans. Workflows are automated and integrated with the ticketing process, enabling IT operations to engage with the business to make informed decisions.

Using VRM, an organization can manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle and reduce IT security risk with a proactive, data-driven approach.

View the Vulnerability Risk Management Data Sheet