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Operational Risk Management

As a board-level topic, operational risk is real and public disclosure of significant operational risk events has become an all too common occurrence. The growing complexity of activities, changing workforce, expansive and shifting regulations, and dependencies on third parties can dramatically impact an organization’s operational risk profile in the absence of an effective operational risk management strategy.

Executives, shareholders and the public expect organizations to be proactively looking at risk, adjusting operations, and reacting in a strategic manner that appropriately limits risk. RSA Archer helps organizations achieve a balance between risk and business agility through a comprehensive approach to Operational Risk Management (ORM).

ORM is a balance between the quantity of operational risk – as influenced by the structural, strategic and external factors -- and the quality of operational risk management. Organizations must strive to build this balance through a combination of policies, processes, personnel and control systems relevant to their operational needs. RSA Archer provides a suite of solutions to:

  • Define and manage the complexities of the organizational structural elements
  • Organize and communicate corporate policies and operational procedures
  • Enable a holistic, consistent operational risk management function
  • Monitor compliance to operational controls

In addition to these core ORM elements, RSA Archer helps organizations manage the key operational risks such as Third Party Risk, IT Security Risk, Business Continuity Risk and others with an integrated approach and platform. RSA Archer solutions provide an organization with the comprehensive and strategic technology enablers to implement an efficient and effective ORM program.