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Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management involves identification, assessment, and management of risks around business processes that contribute to the preparation, integrity, and publication of an organization’s financial statements. A comprehensive financial risk management program that can be substantiated is critical to protecting customers, executive officers, and boards of directors from regulatory sanctions and shareholder suits.

The breadth of processes within the scope of financial risk management can be challenging to execute in an efficient manner. It includes segregating duties around accounting information systems, testing processes and controls, evaluating the significance of financial reporting of control design and effectiveness deficiencies, and analyzing financial accounts. It also includes coordinating the management, reporting, and escalation of all exceptions that may affect financial disclosure.

RSA Archer Financial Risk Management allows organizations to maintain a central repository of policies and procedures regarding accounting, disclosure, and code of conduct. Enterprises can document and depict the relationship of their business processes, IT systems, software applications, and risks related to financial reporting and establish organizational accountability for each of these items.

Financial Risk Management enables organizations to document the business and IT controls that ensure the accuracy and completeness of financial reporting and relate these controls to their associated risks, processes, and assets. It provides organizations with a meaningful understanding of all of the components of financial risk management and provides substantiation of the process. Through predefined and ad hoc dashboards and reports, all levels of the organizations are provided with the appropriate level of visibility into risks and controls, closing activities, reported deficiencies, situations that warrant disclosures, and remediation plans.