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RSA Archer GRC RSA Archer Audit Management Manage governance, risk, and compliance enterprisewide

RSA Archer Audit Management

RSA Archer Audit Management puts you in control of the audit lifecycle, enabling improved governance of audit-related activities, data, and processes without the limitations of manual or stand-alone approaches.

Aligned with the Institute of Internal Auditor (IIA) standards, this web-based audit software provides an aggregate view of your program, including planning, scheduling, risk-based prioritization, staffing, management of audit procedures, and tracking of remediation efforts.

With Audit Management, you can transform paper-based documentation into an information asset; increase audit efficiency; perform risk-based scoping of the audit universe; and easily integrate with other governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) processes.

  • Streamlined approach – Centralize audit documentation and processes and correlate audit work papers with evidence, observations, and remediation efforts in a single, access-controlled repository.
  • Efficiencies – Share information, repurpose audit procedures, automate workflow and findings generation, and use data for other GRC processes for cost savings and improved accuracy.
  • Rollup reporting – Roll up audit status and results to business processes, facilities, third parties, applications, stakeholders, and other auditable entities.
  • Time to value – Implement out of the box with predefined access roles, workflows, reports, and dashboards or tailor through point-and-click configuration.
  • Flexibility – Choose an on-premise or software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment and move between environments as your needs change.

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