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RSA Archer GRC RSA Archer Assessment & Authorization for Federal Government Agencies OFFERINGS AVAILABLE THROUGH THE EMC STORE

RSA Archer Assessment & Authorization for Federal Government Agencies

RSA Archer Assessment & Authorization (A&A) is purpose-built to meet the unique needs of U.S. federal agencies providing an ideal foundation for comprehensive RSA Archer-based Information Assurance Management. A&A serves as the system of record for every person, location, component, and tier; every piece of hardware and software; and every information asset. IT resources can be assigned into information system boundaries for A&A and FISMA compliance and reporting. RSA Archer A&A manages the full cycle of NIST RMF (800-37) activities. It also integrates seamlessly with RSA Archer Continuous Monitoring and maximizes existing agency infrastructure investments.

  • Easily manage all phases of the NIST risk management framework (RMF)
  • Vastly improve risk insight through meaningful, current metrics from any tier of the organization
  • Incorporate current risk metrics into FISMA reports and authorization artifacts
  • Save time and money through consolidation and streamlining
  • Integrate with RSA Archer Continuous Monitoring (CM) and other RSA Archer offerings
  • Leverage custom, real-time reports and dashboards
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