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RSA Security Operations Management
Orchestration and Alignment for the Security Operations Center

RSA Security Operations Management (SecOps)

RSA SecOps provides the orchestration and alignment to better investigate and respond to security incidents.

RSA SecOps

Provides Orchestration and Alignment for SOCs and CIRCs

Incident Response

  • Aggregate alerts/events into incidents
  • Investigate and escalate to next level analysts
  • Develop remediation and containment plans

Breach Response

  • Escalate incidents to breaches and assess risk
  • Develop breach response plans
  • Track breach notifications and call trees

SOC Program Management

  • Document incident and breach response procedures
  • Manage shift handover
  • Manage SOC contacts and team
"SecOps provides the orchestration for Los Angeles World Airports SOC."

- Bob Cheong, Chief Information Security Officer, Los Angeles World Airports

SecOps provides the orchestration for LAWA. »

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