EMC Customer Reference Program

Engage, Express, and Explore

EMC invites you to join our Customer Reference Program and share your successes with EMC solutions, products, and services.

The EMC Customer Reference Program is a way we recognize you, our valued customer, for your innovations with EMC technology. The program enables you to leverage your success story to gain positive exposure and brand awareness with a global audience.

You can share your experiences in a number of different ways including videos, written profiles, or sales reference calls. Select your level of participation based on your time and corporate policy.


As an EMC customer reference, you can:

  • Engage with industry peers, EMC executives, and press and analyst communities
  • Express and showcase your organization’s success
  • Explore the EMC customer reference community and discover reference opportunities for you to share your EMC story
  • Enhance your status in the industry as a thought leader
  • Access exclusive networking events
  • Receive recognition via industry award nominations

Member Comment

"My team and I have done a couple of videos with EMC over the past three years. We do them for several reasons. First of all, they're fun and a reward for the hard work we've put in. You have to celebrate your successes in this business or it is a thankless one. Secondly, the videos are a terrific way to promote what we've done internally (throughout our management team). That internal promotion shows that we're good stewards of our data infrastructure and paves the way for us to do more in the future. And finally, it shows our patients and community that we're committed to the use of technology to enhance patient care whether it is through the use of electronic medical records and medical administration checks or best-in-class storage and backup, recovery, and archiving solutions."

Scott Heffner, Network Operations Manager
Wentworth Douglass Hospital


EMC Customer Reference Program Brochure

EMC Customer Reference Activities

Customer Success Showcase

  • EMC Product Security

    Building Trust with EMC Product Security Programs

    Security Certification

    EMC has invested in extensive external validation and security certifications for a number of our products.

    Common Criteria Certification

    Certification for Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (Common Criteria) is part of our comprehensive Product Security Program that ensures delivery of secure products to enable information infrastructure security for organizations. With EMC’s Common Criteria-certified products, enterprises can achieve compliance with various global public sector security procurement mandates such as the National Information Assurance Acquisition Policy (NSTISSP 11) in the U.S. as well as fast accreditation of secure IT products to manage security throughout information lifecycles.

    Certification enables organizations to achieve:

    • Compliance – Achieve government-mandated Common Criteria and public and private sector International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 15408 requirements for secure products
    • Assurance – Rely on prevalidated products to build assurance for your information infrastructure
    • Efficient procurement – Experience faster buying and accreditation cycles

    For more information on Common Criteria and the certificates awarded above, please refer to the international Common Criteria portal.

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