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Do More with the Power of EMC SourceOne

EMC SourceOne™ is a family of next-generation information governance products for archiving, e-discovery, and compliance. When paired with complementary hardware, only EMC SourceOne solutions can address your pressing information governance requirements. Do more than just manage information. Reduce operational and e-discovery costs. Mitigate risk. And ensure litigation readiness.

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Sky News (Australia) Interviews EMC about EMC SourceOne

In this interview with Sky News (Australia), EMC's Senior Manager of Product Marketing Kelly Ferguson discusses the challenges that organizations worldwide are facing in terms of e-mail archiving, compliance and eDiscovery. Ferguson explains how the EMC SourceOne information governance solutions address these challenges.

Reduce Operational Costs

With EMC SourceOne Email Management, you can reduce primary storage requirements and associated backup windows by 60 percent or more. Eliminate restrictive mailbox quotas, increase accessibility for end users, and simplify management.

Mitigate eDiscovery Risks

EMC SourceOne solutions reduce eDiscovery costs by up to 50 percent. Mitigate risk with end-to-end integrated solutions that enable identification, preservation, collection, processing, and review for litigation, compliance, and internal/regulatory investigations.

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