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Introducing Data Domain
Global Deduplication Array
Multi-controller system establishes new industry benchmarks for inline deduplication performance.

EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array provides a single, inline deduplication storage pool for data center backups across multiple workloads.

Multi-controller architecture boosts performance and capacity for data center application protection.
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Features and Benefits

  • Aggregate throughput up to 12.8 TB/hour to finish more backups in less time.
  • Up to 14.2 PB of logical backup capacity for large enterprise scalability.
  • Multi-terabyte datasets dynamically and transparently load balanced across controllers for ease of management.
  • Simple management across backup policies in a single system with a common deduplication storage pool.
  • Network-efficient replication for the fastest time to DR readiness.
EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array

Learn how the EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array can help you consolidate backups across multiple datacenter applications onto a single system, with network-efficient replication for streamlined multi-site disaster recovery.

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Webcast: Backup Redesign for Large Data Centers
Learn how EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array can transform your large enterprise backup.
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