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Announcing Data Domain Boost Software
Breakthrough software enables new industry-leading benchmarks for backup storage performance.

EMC advances enterprise backup application integration to minimize backup LAN load and improve server utilization.

Boost backup performance
Increase speed and simplify backup management for data centers and remote sites.

Data Domain Boost Software

  • Significant reduction in backup time – Achieve up to 12.8 TB/hr aggregate throughput performance.
  • Seamless integration with backup applications – Reduce the overall resource use on existing backup servers by 20-40 percent.
  • Reduced LAN bandwidth requirements – Send only unique data over the network to reduce local network traffic by 80-99 percent.
  • Advanced load balancing and link failover – Optimize use of multiple links for throughput and add further resilience and management flexibility.
EMC Data Domain Boost Software

Frank Slootman, President of EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division, details how Data Domain Boost software integrates with enterprise backup software and distributes parts of the Data Domain deduplication process to significantly increase throughput and simplify management.

Webcast: Boost Performance with Backup Redesign
Learn about advanced functionality enabled by EMC integration with industry-leading backup applications.