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EMC Product Support for IPv6

EMC IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is an important step forward in IP technology to deliver greater addressability and security features than offered by IPv4. As part of our commitment to ongoing IPv6 support for our customers, EMC established a corporate IPv6 Program Office in 2006 to drive consistent implementations of IPv6 requirements and coordinate product plans, services, and sales. Program participants include members from the CTO, engineering, marketing, services, and sales organizations.

Industry-leading interoperability testing

EMC leverages the IPv6 Ready Logo Program to validate our conformance with the IPv6 protocol and interoperability within a heterogeneous environment.

In addition, EMC E-Lab provides the industry's most comprehensive interoperability testing, spanning every major platform and operating system. The E-lab has been updated with an IPv6 infrastructure for complete solution testing as well as IPv6 Ready Logo Program testing.

Assessment, design, and support services

To help our customers with the transition to full IPv6 deployments, EMC will offer services to assess the impact on their EMC storage infrastructures. Design and support transition plans for EMC infrastructure components and solutions will also be offered in addition to support for new implementations in IPv6 environments.

EMC has achieved IPv6 Ready Logo Phase II certification on EMC Smarts IPv6 Availability Manager.

For more detailed information on IPv6 support for individual EMC products, contact your EMC or EMC partner account team and be sure to check here for updates in the future.

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