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OpenScale: Capacity-on-Demand

You need to keep IT spending down, but you also need to respond quickly to changing business needs. EMC OpenScale lets you do both—without giving up control of your IT resources. Get all the benefits of a best-of-breed information infrastructure while paying only for what you use.

Ideal for companies with growing, multi-terabyte installations and complex purchasing processes, EMC OpenScale is a hybrid financing/inventory procurement partnership. It provides an agreed-upon baseline capacity of storage (via lease) and an additional "buffer" of capacity that can be instantly used when needed. There is no charge for the buffer until it is consumed.

Fast and Flexible Benefits for your business include:

  • Speed to deployment
  • Flexibility
  • Pay-as-you-grow minimizing upfront cos

OpenScale On-Demand Model
Available Buffer (0TB)
Available Buffer (10TB)
Available Buffer (20TB)
Available Buffer (30TB)
Buffer Replenished (20TB)
Committed Capacity (50TB)
Committed Capacity (60TB)
Committed Capacity (70TB)
Committed Capacity (80TB)
Committed Capacity (100TB)
Utilization (10TB)
Utilization (20TB)
No commitment to pay for buffer capacity until it has been allocated
Once buffer is activated a contract is signed for the buffer that has been utilized
More buffer is deployed as it is utilized
OpenScale streamlines the procurement process so you'll always have the capacity you need, when you need it

We're running very fast here. When we need storage, we don't have the luxury of waiting around. Prior to EMC OpenScale, we had to navigate a lengthy and serial process of determining need, placing an order, receiving the storage, integrating and testing it—then we could go do our work. EMC OpenScale strips out this entire layer of complexity, significantly improves our ability to respond, and gives us the flexibility of a fully configured environment that we can tap into on demand. And, through the new automated billing, EMC has come up with yet another way to greatly simplify our lives. quoteClose
Erik Eriksen,
Chief Technology Officer, Deloitte Consulting