EMC Global Financial Services

About EMC Global Financial Services

EMC Global Financial Services (GFS) is the asset management and financial services division of EMC Corporation.

Our objective is to help you maximize your investment in an EMC infrastructure through customized, cost-effective, and flexible financing solutions.

Our mission is to provide you with the most beneficial solution to finance your investment in an EMC infrastructure. GFS is not a profit-making division.

Our solutions are supported by a panel of world-class partners as well as EMC's strong balance sheet. GFS is therefore able to offer a full suite of financial products across the globe.

Our customers range from small to mid-sized companies and organizations to global corporations. All GFS offerings are also available through EMC resellers.


Unlike many of our competitors, EMC's Global Financial Services are not part of an independent profit center or captive financing arm. Our goal is to make sure your business has the most appropriate product and pricing to meet your information infrastructure needs—not to make money from the financing. With nearly $3.0 billion of financed assets, and serving nearly 80 percent of the Fortune 500, GFS has a long history of providing significant value to our customers.