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Global Deployment

Global Deployment is the ability to deploy content applications anywhere around the world and to create, store, and publish content in a wide variety of languages-all key requirements for global enterprises today. With Global Deployment, employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders can interface with the enterprise in their own languages. This is a critical success factor for expanding into—and accelerating profitability in—new geographic markets. As a result, content management systems need to be internationalized and localized and need to provide comprehensive processes for content globalization, including reuse of existing translated content.

Automated Global Deployment

Enterprise content global deployment

Global enterprises require a wide variety of internal and externally-facing content—such as Web pages, printed marketing materials, product manuals, standard operating procedures, and regulatory documentation—to be available in many different languages at the same time. Rather than deploying separate systems to manage the globalization process, today's enterprise managers want to realize cost savings and economies of scale by utilizing their existing content management systems to facilitate content globalization as well. Documentum's easy-to-use graphical workflow interface and object-oriented architecture support these goals. Changes in content that require translation can be detected automatically, initiating workflows that move the original language content through the activities and lifecycle states necessary to transform it into approved translated content. Content can either be translated within the customer's internal organization or automatically sent over the firewall to any external translation service providers. Once translated content is approved, it can automatically be placed in the appropriate repository locations as well as published to desired formats. Documentum's powerful object-oriented architecture accommodates language metadata and enables storage of translated content as objects related to the original content. This supports not only globalization workflows but also easy searching and delivery of globalized content.

Effective reuse of globalized content is critical to enterprise customers' cost control objectives. As enterprises grow, they may run into instances where similar content is translated several times for separate uses and this can result in inconsistencies and out-of-control translation expenses. Documentum's globalization workflows leverage previous content translations from a translation memory database, which can result in significant cost savings. Combining Documentum's XML support with its content globalization capabilities and integration to translation memory tools provides a complete "write once, translate once, publish in many formats" solution—all with the scalability, robustness, and security customers expect from Documentum.

Documentum anywhere

Internationalization is the foundation for successful global software deployments. A key component of internationalized software is the ability to handle creation, processing, storage, and publishing of content and metadata in any required mix of languages. Documentum's end-to-end support of the Unicode universal character set provides this multilingual capability - all within a single repository.

Think globally, act locally

Documentum provides easy-to-use Language Packs that add French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean client user interfaces and documentation to the core English client products. Many other languages are provided through Documentum's Partner Localization Program, which enables selected geographic partners to localize Documentum products. The flexible Language Pack architecture, which allows localized files to be applied to existing English deployment, along with our extensive language coverage are key enablers for Documentum's Global 2000 customers to achieve rapid worldwide deployments.

Whatever your globalization needs may be, Documentum can help ensure you successfully deploy content applications anywhere around the world.

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