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Documentum Media WorkSpace

An easy-to-use, next-generation marketing application

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EMC Documentum Media WorkSpace is a next-generation interactive marketing application with new features that fully leverage the value of digital media. It takes advantage of a powerful set of digital asset management technologies. A streamlined, dynamic user interface allows components to be easily added or removed from view to allow users to personalize their work environment.

Media WorkSpace helps reduce marketing costs, protect brands, and utilize rich media in marketing.

Data Sheet

EMC Documentum Media WorkSpace provides:

Features Benefits
Video management Manage video renditions and sub-clips for popular formats such as Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime, and Real Video.
Image management View, annotate, and collaborate on images such as discussion comments, ratings, and notes.
Presentation building Create, review, and share PowerPoint presentations and access slide notes within the Web browser.
Inbox and alert routing capabilities Route assets to users for review, approval, and signoff based on Documentum workflows.
Multiple views and active preview View lists, thumbnails, and storyboards and provide custom display and preview without downloading.
Collections and comparisons Create, manage, share, compare, or download grouped content to enable collaboration.
Quick and easy asset location Search for images, videos, and presentations or specify advanced criteria including custom attributes.
Asynchronous content transfer Complete other tasks in the environment while bulk uploading or downloading a series of assets.
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