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Documentum xDB

Documentum xDB

High-performance, standards-based XML database

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Managing XML Data: Native XML Databases
EMC Documentum xDB Demo

EMC Documentum xDB is a high-performance and scalable native XML database that is ideal for data-intensive uses such as archiving data from retired applications. Unlike relational databases, Documentum xDB allows database structures to be easily modified to adapt to changing information requirements. It also handles complex data relationships that are not easily modeled in relational rows and columns.

Data will be safe with xDB’s high-availability and disaster-recovery options. xDB also provides a powerful, extensible development and runtime toolset based on XML standards as well as full support for the XQuery language for data and full-text searches.

Data Sheet

EMC Documentum xDB delivers:

Features Benefits
Scalable architecture Serve large volumes of XML content and efficiently handle large numbers of concurrent users.
High availability Protect your content from data loss and downtime with flexible high-availability and disaster-recovery options.
Automatic multi-path indexing Simplify administration with automatic indexing of all possible paths to both content and XML elements.
XQuery and XQFT Provide powerful search with a complete implementation of the XQuery standard, including XQuery Full Text.
Embeddable database Ensure transparent integration with a pure Java-based architecture and very low resource requirements.
Comprehensive application development Rapidly configure and deploy powerful content applications with an XML standards-based toolset and APIs.
Multiple platform support Deploy on any Java platform including Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Sun Solaris, HP UX, and AIX.
Very large database support Partition and compress data to easily manage large data volumes for uses such as application retirement and archiving.

Available Evaluation Software.

Product Name Operating Environment
Windows, Unix
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