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Documentum Audio Video Transformation Services

Documentum Audio Video Transformation Services

Easier management and interaction of audio and video content

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EMC Documentum Audio Video Transformation Services extends the capabilities of EMC Documentum Media Transformation Services, delivering advanced support for audio and video. With enhanced features, Audio Video Transformation Services makes digital asset management—and interaction with media—easier and more efficient. Use this robust tool to transform media formats through a web browser, extract closed-caption text upon check-in, manage large files with enhanced storage options, and integrate with popular streaming servers.

Audio Video Transformation Services is part of the overall EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services framework and suite of products.

EMC Documentum Audio Video Transformation Services provides:

Features Benefits
File transformations Set up, create, and modify profiles to automatically transform videos into multiple formats and renditions.
Workflow activities Automatically transform media to different formats during activities such as review and approval or upload and download.
Streaming server support Integrate with popular streaming servers and gain support for all of the major audio and video file formats.
Server-side operations Manage large files through enhanced storage options and preview renditions and maximize server-side processing.
Closed caption extraction Extract automatically closed caption text and associate it with the content in the Documentum repository.
Storyboard support Save time by automatically extracting storyboard frames based on scene changes or at specified intervals.
Thumbnail support View frame-by-frame low resolution video without exporting files.


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