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RSA SecurWorld Channel Partner Program

Our SecurWorld Channel Partner Program has four membership categories (tiers), each with its own requirements and benefits. The more committed you are to RSA’s products and solutions—through training investments and revenue-generating activities—the higher your tier, providing you with higher rewards. The program is thus designed for a mutually profitable relationship.

RSA SecurWorld Channel Partner Program Benefits

The RSA SecurWorld Channel Partner Program provides a wealth of benefits. Many resources are available to all partners, while some are available only to top-tier partners who have met certain criteria.

You can access program benefits through RSA Partner Central, leveraging the following tools and resources to help you market and sell RSA solutions more effectively:

  • Education and training – RSA invests heavily in some of the best education and training resources in the industry. Our partners benefit from comprehensive sales and presales training and services training which is primarily online to minimize time out of the field. Our training is video-based to include interactive content like whiteboard and product demonstrations. We also translate all of our online training in several languages. Additionally, SecurWorld Partners are entitled to in-person validation training with RSA’s own sales and presales teams.
  • Marketing – RSA offers a broad array of marketing tools and resources to help you generate demand and promote solutions to customers in the most effective way possible. With RSA Partner Central, you have 24x7 access to a full range of marketing tools including promotions, campaign materials, and branding guidelines.
  • Co-op funds – The RSA SecurWorld Co-op Program is designed to support RSA SecurWorld Platinum and RSA Gold partners in proactively promoting RSA solutions and services.
  • Sales support – RSA provides channel partners with a comprehensive set of resources to develop successful sales campaigns throughout the sales cycle–from identifying opportunities to closing deals.
  • Deal Registration – All RSA SecurWorld partners have access to Deal Registration, which aims to deliver higher financial rewards for partners who engage with customers early on in the sales cycle and, in particular, those partners who drive incremental revenue for RSA. Partners holding approved deal registrations will be solely eligible for any necessary cost relief.
  • RSA Rewards Program – The RSA Rewards Program provides an additional opportunity for partners to earn margin for finding, developing, and closing incremental opportunities for RSA solutions.
  • Not for Resale Program – The RSA Not for Resale (NFR) Program provides SecurWorld partners with access to RSA products and solutions. Partners can use these demos to evaluate RSA products and services for their own portfolios as well as to demonstrate solutions to customers through proofs of concept.
  • RSA SecurWorld Communications – The RSA SecurWorld Channel Partner Program has a number of vehicles—from e-newsletters to partner conferences—to help keep you up to date with the latest developments both in the security industry and at RSA itself.


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