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RSA Ready Technology Partner Program

Interoperate with industry-leading RSA products


Explore the RSA products you can interoperate with and have certified. The RSA Ready Technology Partner Program includes opportunities in Authentication, GRC, and next-generation SOC software.


RSA Access Manager

RSA Access Manager provides secure access to web applications within intranets, extranets, portals, and Exchange infrastructures with transparent, single sign-on – improving communication, facilitating business, strengthening relationships, bolstering productivity, and reducing costs.

RSA Adaptive Authentication

RSA Adaptive Authentication is a risk-based authentication platform that helps assure user identities through self-learning risk indicators including device identification, user-behavior profiling, and fraud data. Visible authentication such as challenge questions or out-of-band authentication is invoked only when user activity is unusual or contradicts policies.

RSA Digital Certificate Manager

RSA Digital Certificate Manager comprises interoperable modules designed to manage digital certificates and create an environment for authenticated, private, and legally binding electronic communications and transactions. Offerings are provided to manage digital identities and centralize certificate management, archive and recover encryption keys, streamline the enrollment process, and enable immediate certificate validation.


RSA SecurID is the market-leading two-factor authentication system engineered to assure user identities and prevent unauthorized access to applications and resources. Products include management software, hardware and software authenticators, authentication agents, and risk-based authentication.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

RSA Archer GRC Suite

The RSA Archer GRC suite enables organizations to manage enterprise risks, demonstrate compliance, automate business processes, and gain visibility into risk and controls by building a collaborative GRC program. In addition to using offerings out-of-the-box, users can customize them, create supporting applications, and integrate multiple data sources without touching code.

Next-Generation Security Operation Center (SOC)

RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite

The RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) suite provides comprehensive visibility into the location and use of sensitive data such as credit cards, personally identifiable information, intellectual property, and more. Offerings are available for data at rest, in a datacenter, in motion over the network, or in use at endpoints. Upon detecting sensitive data, RSA DLP enforces policies and educates personnel.

RSA Data Protection Manager

RSA Data Protection Manager provides tokenization and encryption controls along with enhanced management features like granular application permissions, customizable encryption, and tokenization configurations. It supports full key and token lifecycle management to enable end-to-end data security and lower total cost of ownership.

RSA Security Analytics

RSA Security Analytics combines Big Data security collection, management, and analytics; full network and log-based visibility; and automated threat intelligence – enabling security analysts to better detect, investigate, and understand threats. Enterprise-wide visibility into network traffic and log event data can reduce attacker free time from weeks to hours.

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