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ISV Backup Recovery Systems

ISV Backup Recovery Systems Partner Program

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The ISV Backup Recovery Systems Program allows you to certify or integrate your application with industry-leading backup and recovery solutions: EMC Avamar, EMC Data Domain, EMC NetWorker, and EMC Disk Library for Mainframe.

The program offers three tiers:

  • Compatible—Partners perform a self-certification of the EMC product. EMC provides testing methodology and technical assistance.
  • Certified—Partners and EMC certify interoperability of each other's products before they are released to market. Partners conduct self-certification using EMC guidelines.
  • Integrated—Partners integrate their products using an EMC development kit. EMC assists in integration architecture and testing.
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By participating in the ISV Backup Recovery Systems Partner Program, you can:

  • Increase your products' value and differentiate them over the competition. After successfully completing our certification process, your products will be listed in the applicable EMC compatibility matrices.
  • Increase your market opportunity through EMC's worldwide customer base.
  • Expose your company and solution on and EMC partner communities.
  • Take advantage of EMC engineering product knowledge and testing methodologies to ensure proper interoperability of your products.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by establishing a direct relationship with EMC Support to address joint customer issues.
  • Stay ahead of competitors by certifying EMC product releases before they are available to the general market. EMC provides early notification on new release changes that may affect certification.
  • Use the program logo and solution templates to promote your solutions effectively.

Certify integration with leading products in the market for data protection:

  • EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems — Deduplicate data inline during the backup process so that backup data lands on disk deduplicated, requiring a fraction of the space. You can retain backup data on-site longer for fast, reliable restores from disk. A single Data Domain system can be used for backup and recovery, archiving, and online reference storage.
  • EMC Avamar deduplication backup software and system — Deduplicate data at the client and across sites and servers, leveraging existing networks to deliver fast, daily full backups. One-step recovery, built-in high availability, and an intuitive GUI simplify management. Ideal for protecting VMware, network-attached storage (NAS), remote offices, and desktop or laptop systems
  • EMC NetWorker backup and recovery software — Unify backup with a wide range of data protection options that simplify and speed recovery across physical and virtual environments.

To join the ISV Backup Recovery Systems Partner Program, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Become a partner" button above and complete the application form. Specify the product you want to certify or integrate with along with information about your company and existing opportunities.
  2. EMC will review your application and notify you regarding acceptance into the program. Upon notification, you'll review and accept the terms of the partner program agreement.
  3. EMC will introduce you to the product team that will work with you during certification or integration.
  4. You and EMC will discuss the certification test plan and agree on schedule and test cases.

After certification, EMC will inform you about changes in upcoming product releases that may affect your certification and, if necessary, discuss the recertification process.


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