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Reselling EMC Products and Services

Services and Velocity Specialties

All EMC Authorized Resellers and EMC Velocity Solution Provider partners can take advantage of service delivery opportunities.

From simple, ease-of-entry service delivery with QuickStart Services to a more advanced services investment with Velocity Services and Velocity Specialties, partners can:

  • Differentiate themselves from the competition
  • Provide additional value to customers
  • Grow revenue
  • Maximize profitability
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Learn about our services and Velocity Specialties

Partners who wish to quickly realize the benefits of services delivery can elect to deliver standard installation, implementation, and support services with QuickStart Services designations. Free, self-paced QuickStart training ensures that partners are ready to provide quality, entry-level services and realize incremental revenue opportunity on EMC products that address high growth markets.

QuickStart Services include two categories: Implement and Support. QuickStart Services designations are available to Authorized Resellers and all tiers of the Velocity Solution Provider Program.

Select EMC authorized partners are trained and certified to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class services ranging from installation and implementation to technical support. These partners provide value-added services to address the most crucial aspects of a customer's information technology infrastructure, increasing their profitability and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Velocity Services include three categories: Implement, Manage, and Support. Velocity Services designations are available to the Affiliate Elite, Premier, and Signature tiers of the Velocity Solution Provider Program. Partners must be compliant with the requirements of the Velocity Services Implement designation in order to achieve Velocity Specialty status.

Partners architect, sell, and deliver complete end-to-end solutions combining hardware, software, and service skills to solve today's information challenges. Partners develop an advanced practice model with the capabilities to deploy the fundamental technologies that enable cloud computing.

Velocity Specialties include four categories:

  • Velocity Backup and Recovery Specialty—Solve customer backup, retention, and recovery challenges.
  • Velocity Consolidate Specialty—Increase data center efficiency and enable customers to centralize storage and servers with EMC midrange storage products and software.
  • Velocity Advanced Consolidate Specialty—Deliver increased enterprise-class data center efficiency on large-scale consolidation projects, lower risk, and controlled costs with energy efficiency and virtualized infrastructure.
  • Velocity Governance and Archive Specialty—Deliver policy-based management of information to lower costs, reduce risk, and ensure compliance with legal, regulatory standards, and/or corporate governance.
International Computerware INC
Every year we present the partner who has achieved the highest degree of excellence within Velocity Services with the Velocity Services Partner of the Year award. The 2010 winner is International Computerware, Inc.

Velocity Services Quality (VSQ) Awards

The VSQ survey program solicits feedback from customers on the quality of service they receive. This project-specific feedback can help partners drive continuous improvements in their service methodologies and delivery.

We present VSQ awards annually to partners who have demonstrated sustained service quality excellence.

The 2010 recipients are as follows:

  • AdvizeX Technologies, LLC
  • AEC Group, Inc.
  • Alexander Open Systems Inc
  • Boya Software Co., ltd
  • Digital China (China) Ltd
  • Eastern Computer Exchange Inc.
  • Focus Technology Solutions
  • Integrated Data Storage, LLC
  • International Computerware Inc.
  • ISC, Inc.
  • LPS Integration Inc.
  • Network Storage, Incorporated
  • Presidio Networked Solutions
  • TekLinks, Inc.
  • TNU Co., Ltd.
  • Varrow, Inc.
  • Winsroad Inc.

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