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How do you harness Big Data, harvest its value, and handle it
all without scaling costs?

  • You build a scale-out storage infrastructure that grows with your data.
  • You add a unified analytics platform that helps you collaborate.
  • You learn to model your data to make better decisions faster, with less risk.
  • Achieve new agility, efficiency, and business breakthroughs—all with Big Data and EMC.
Big Data Storage


Big Data storage needs a highly automated, scale-out architecture. Add capacity up to 15 petabytes—without adding people. Boost storage utilization and performance, while simplifying management and protecting your data. Achieve this all with EMC storage technology.

Drive Action from Insight


To capitalize fully on Big Data, build analytics into business processes, then drive action from the insights they provide. Your transformed business will make better decisions faster, based on reliable, real-time data analysis.

Big Data analytics


The growing volume of structured and unstructured data inspires new types of Big Data applications, requiring new insights and greater collaboration. Make better decisions faster with EMC agile analytics, purpose-built for Big Data. Speed queries and insights from all your structured and unstructured data.

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