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With information as the Connective Tissue to Integrated Care, Taking-On the Chronic Disease Burden is just the next step in our Hyper-Connected Patient Era. EMC presents the 2014 Report from IDC EMEA HEALTH INSIGHTS, addressing Patient Engagement and Health Promotion on the 3rd Platform.

Patient Engagement and Health Promotion on the 3rd Platform

The vast amount of data pushed and pulled from a hyper-connected patient ecosystem is an unprecedented opportunity for insights that can enhance quality of prevention and care.

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Transform Global Compliance

2013 IDC Integrated Care Key Study Insights

How the integrated care model is being adopted in Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Add information intelligence to your organization

Transition to a Sustainable Service Delivery Model

Provide appropriate care while including cost-efficient measures. Coordinate across the complete health care value chain.

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Add information intelligence to your organization

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