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Optimize Care and Improve The Bottom Line

Achieve the elusive goal of enhancing patient care while cutting costs. Transform your organization with powerful technology from EMC and its global partners – information management, workflow, collaboration, and analytics.


Clinical Archiving

Reducing IT costs is a top priority. Learn how healthcare organizations can significantly reduce IT costs by decommissioning obsolete systems and archiving structured and unstructured clinical data documents.

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Image and Content Management

Accessing imaging data and related clinical content can be difficult. Find out about the EMC approach to Image and Content Management, redefining how unstructured content is managed and stored.

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Content Enabled Electronic Medical Records

Being able to enhance the value from your EMR is critical. Learn how EMC helps meet the patient information challenge with a solution that allows the capture of all structured and unstructured content types to complete the transition from paper to electronic patient records.

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Medical Record Digitization

Creating an archive for patient information to comply with regulatory requirements is a challenge. Learn about EMC's approach to maitaining long-term patient records, and retiring clinical legacy applications.

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EMC Documentum Integrated Patient Record Solution Suite

Healthcare solutions for

EMEA Integrated Patient Care

The vast amount of data pushed and pulled from a hyper-connected patient ecosystem is an unprecedented opportunity for insights. EMC helps healthcare organizations take advantage of information as being the Connective Tissue to Integrated Care.

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How we help our customers

EMC Spark

Igniting the world of content, process and collaboration

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September 23, 2015

Shifting Where Healthcare is Delivered

Bill Bunting Posted in: Healthcare, Solutions, Documentum
July 17, 2015

Is Healthcare Up Shift's Creek?

Bill Bunting Posted in: Healthcare, Solutions, Documentum

A Trusted Platform That's Cloud-Ready

EMC delivers on-premise or on-demand content management solutions. Customers have a choice and flexibility in deployment options.

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