Drive revenue, Reduce risk, and Deliver superior customer experience

Put customers at the center of business processes and connect information to work. Our solutions help drive revenue growth, improve operational efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.


EMC Banking Solutions

EMC banking solutions for the retail and commercial market enable you to increase share of wallet, address regulatory and compliance requirements, improve customer satisfaction, speed time to market, and drive down operational cost and risk.

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EMC Insurance Solutions

EMC helps carriers to deliver a superior experience for customers, agents, and employees, increase revenue and market share, and improve efficiency while reducing costs and effectively managing regulatory compliance.

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EMC Investment Management Solutions

EMC helps investment firms effectively manage compliance demands without compromising the customer experience. Our solution can help you achieve both while reducing cost, boosting efficiency, and sustaining growth.

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EMC Compliance Solutions

EMC helps financial services companies organize, manage, and protect information while automating adherence to regulations such as Dodd-Frank, AML, and SEC and FSA regulations.

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EMC Documentum Financial Services
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EMC delivers on-premise or on-demand content management solutions. Customers have a choice and flexibility in deployment options.