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Industry-standard ISIS scanner drivers and PixTools Toolkits
Captiva Embeddable Capture Technologies Captiva Mobile SDK Industry-standard scanner drivers and imaging toolkits

Captiva Mobile SDK

EMC Captiva Mobile SDK delivers on-device image capture and clean-up functionality for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It provides an open integration to back-end folders and/or systems for further processing of documents captured using a mobile device.

Exceptional image enhancement

Fully utilize mobile devices' hardware functions for improved image corrections and cleanup of initial distortions.

Mobile-optimized tasks

Accelerate the business process lifecycle and help eliminate the need for additional corrections that impede processing with enhanced and optimized images.

Open, back-end integration

Service any back-end folder and/or system and transmit optimized images for further business processing of information.

The phenomenal growth of smart mobile devices is fueling businesses to provide new and innovative services to their customers through mobile-enabled applications and solutions, paving the way for businesses to consider new alternatives and ways to capture information and process documents.

EMC Captiva Mobile SDK turns a mobile device into a sophisticated and efficient portable scanner that captures a document and transforms information into useful, actionable data.

EMC Captiva Mobile SDK delivers the following features and capabilities:

  • Enhance or improve smartphone user experience to easily capture and submit documents
  • Allow customers to capture-enable their mobile applications to expand high-value services through mobile applications
  • Easily embed on-device image capture, clean-up, and batch submission functions into mobile applications
  • Service any back-end folder and/or system and transmit optimized images for further business processing of information
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