Isilon OneFS

EMC Isilon OneFS operating system provides the intelligence behind EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage solutions. With powerful features and capabilities to optimize storage at the core of the data lake.

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EMC Isilon OneFS combines the three layers of traditional storage architectures—file system, volume manager, and data protection — into one unified software layer, creating a single intelligent file system that spans all nodes within a cluster.

Designed for big data

The Isilon OneFS operating system is designed for big data in next-generation enterprises. It meets the rapidly converging requirements of big data and enterprise IT that generate the need for a fundamentally different way of meeting data storage needs in the future.

Simplicity, speed, and scalability

Gain ease of use and a single file-system, single-volume architecture with OneFS scale-out storage solutions. Scale your capacity and performance as needed with unmatched efficiency, high utilization rates, and automated storage tiering.

Robust security and protection

Safeguard data with the resilient OneFS architecture and enterprise backup and disaster recovery options. Meet business governance and compliance requirements with role-based access control, file system auditing, data encryption, and write-once, read-many (WORM) data protection capabilities.

Operational flexibility

Take advantage of integrated support for industry-standard protocols including SMB, NFS, FTP, HTTP, OpenStack Swift, and HDFS to provide an efficient, shared storage infrastructure for your data lake. Consolidate data, cut costs, and accelerate results for a wide range of workloads. OneFS.NEXT, the future version of OneFS, will feature enterprise-grade continuous service for the data center by expanding non-disruptive upgrade capabilities as data lakes continue to grow in size.