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Accelerate your IT and business transformation with our world-class cloud, big data, and technology expertise and services.

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Transform IT and enable new business models.

To succeed in the digital economy, build a scalable, agile ITaaS environment and a business-focused IT organization. Create new cloud-native applications quickly and transform existing applications.

Become a Broker of Services to the Business

Develop a roadmap for your IT transformation. Build a hybrid cloud and offer both internal and external services to your users. Redesign your IT organization to manage supply and demand for your services.

  • Standardize, consolidate, and migrate data centers
  • Implement a hybrid cloud computing model
  • Build a catalog and automate business-focused IT services

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Reduce Technical Debt and Invest in New Applications

Assess the suitability of your application portfolio for cloud computing. Replatform, modernize or retire your legacy portfolio. Create continuous delivery processes. Build new digital business models.

  • Migrate Microsoft, SAP, and other critical business applications to the cloud
  • Create DevOps processes
  • Build a modern end user computing environment

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Big Data

Big Data Transformation for Big Business Outcomes.

Identify and accelerate your best data-driven opportunities. Surface business insights. Implement and operate your big data solutions.

Big Data Use Case Identification and Strategy

Big data is about influencing business events while they are still unfolding. The right big data strategy and capabilities will let you monetize your customer, operational and product data.

  • Determine and demonstrate which analytics use case can accelerate and drive value for your business initiative
  • Implement a big data platform to store, analyze, ingest, surface, and act on your data
  • Move from descriptive to predictive and prescriptive analytics

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Big Data Solution Implementation

Deploy the right hardware, software and processes to optimize big data management and deliver data as a service to the business.

  • Align IT with the business to match operational and strategic goals and identify priority use cases for big data
  • Prove the value of your analytics use case in your IT environment with your data
  • Deploy a big data storage and analytics platform, including installation, configuration, customization, and training

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Business Resiliency

Systematically anticipate and mitigate business interruptions and failures.

Rethink business resiliency. Stay ahead of growth in data and digitization. Transform from disaster recovery to disaster avoidance.

Compliance and Data Protection

To maintain a highly resilient business amidst the proliferation of virtualized and cloud-based IT services, performance of your backup solutions must be more efficient, more reliable, and deliver faster recovery times.

  • Determine maturity and compliance risks of existing data protection processes, operations and architecture
  • Define technology and staffing changes required to meet data protection and SLA requirements
  • Deliver an integrated protection solution to lower operational costs, reduce risk and improve agility

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Application Availability

Business users increasingly demand uncompromised availability for mission-critical applications. A modern availability strategy can simplify IT operations, reduce costs, and even eliminate unplanned and planned downtime.

  • Assess the availability risk and exposure of current storage and application environments
  • Identify and implement optimal availability model for applications and systems across multiple sites
  • Improve operational efficiency and increase strategic IT investments

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Amplify the Value and Performance of your Technology.

Accelerate the return on your technology investments, minimize risk during transition, and keep your IT environment running at peak performance and efficiency.

Data Protection and Availability

Modernize data protection & availability to deliver the contemporary experience your business demands. Keep up with mobile, the digitation of business, and the Internet of Things as they shift the IT landscape and user expectations.

  • Identify the right approach to data availability and define your technical roadmap
  • Modernize your backup blueprint to reduce risk, cost, and operational burdens
  • Deliver agile, efficient data protection to support strategic applications & initiatives

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Software Defined Storage

Unify storage silos to deliver agile, intelligent and cost efficient storage services to your business.

  • Define storage services and catalogs, and automate across heterogeneous tiers with policy driven control
  • Gain an advanced view of application performance, SLAs and storage costs
  • Integrate with VMware to unify infrastructure management and operation

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