The Data Lake

Store. Manage. Protect. Analyze. Take your data lake strategy to the next level with EMC Isilon new scale-out NAS. Get breakthrough efficiency, scalability, and business agility, from edge-to-core-to cloud.

Watch the keynote video

Watch the keynote video

Learn about the next generation Data Lake

Learn about the next generation Data Lake

Isilon OneFS


Increase resiliency and optimize storage at the core with OneFS 8.0, the latest generation operating system from Isilon.

IsilonSD Edge


IsilonSD Edge combines the economy of software-defined storage with the power of Isilon to extend your data lake to the edge.

Isilon CloudPools


Isilon CloudPools extends your data lake so you can embrace the cloud, lower costs, optimize resources, and gain web-scale capacity.

EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage

Store, manage, protect and analyze your unstructured data with the powerful platform that stays simple, no matter how large your data environment.

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High Performance

EMC Isilon S-Series gives you flexible, ultra-high performance scale-out NAS storage for high transactional and IOPS-intensive needs. Extensive multiprotocol capabilities support a wide range of high-performance computing applications. Performance scales to more than 3.75 million IOPS in a single cluster.

EMC Isilon S210

Isilon S210

Isilon S210 is our most powerful, highest performing scale-out NAS platform optimized for high-performance computing workloads.

High Versatility

Get the perfect balance of high performance and large capacity with versatile EMC Isilon X-Series scale-out NAS storage. Scale from 18 TB to over 20 PB in a single volume, with total throughput of up to 200 GB per second. Support a wide range of applications on a single cluster. Ideal for storage consolidation.

EMC Isilon X210

Isilon X210

The Isilon X210 is simple to manage, highly efficient, and a great way to start with the industry’s #1 scale-out NAS platform.

EMC Isilon X410

Isilon X410

Choose EMC Isilon X410 scale-out NAS for high performance and massive capacity in a wide range of workloads. Scale to 20 PB in a single volume.


EMC Isilon NL-Series offers highly economical storage for large-scale unstructured data sets. Ideal for nearline storage and active archiving workloads. Unmatched efficiency with a storage utilization rate of more than 80%. Data deduplication further reduces storage requirements by as much as 35%.

EMC Isilon NL410

Isilon NL410

EMC Isilon NL410 reduces costs, safeguards data, and provides fast access to archived data when needed. Scales easily to 30 PB in a cluster.

High Density

The EMC Isilon HD-Series provides massive scalability, robust data protection, and high density to deep archiving. Density of more than 3 PB per rack helps reduce operating costs for power, cooling, and floor space up to 50%. Simple to manage and highly efficient, with over 80% storage utilization.

EMC Isilon HD400

Isilon HD400

With exceptional efficiency and data protection, the Isilon HD400 is a great choice for long-term data retention. Scales to 50 PB in one cluster.


The EMC IsilonSD family of software-defined storage products leverages the power of Isilon scale-out NAS and the Isilon OneFS operating system. Tightly integrated with VMware ESX and vCenter for simplified management, IsilonSD enables use of commercial off-the-shelf hardware to store, manage, protect, and analyze unstructured data.

EMC IsilonSD Edge extends your data lake to edge locations to consolidate data and support a wide range of 2nd and 3rd platform applications.


Video: Tech Bytes: IsilonSD Edge
IDC: Software-Defined Storage: A Pervasive Approach to IT Transformation Driven by the 3rd Platform

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Watch now: IsilonSD Edge Software: Expanding the Data Lake to the Edge

IsilonSD Edge Software: Expanding the Data Lake to the Edge

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Isilon OneFS

EMC Isilon OneFS is the intelligence behind Isilon scale-out NAS solutions. OneFS combines the three layers of traditional storage architectures — file system, volume manager, and data protection — into one unified layer. Isilon OneFS 8.0, the latest generation of OneFS, provides increased flexibility and allows the data lake to expand to the edge and cloud.

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Watch now:Non-Disruptive Upgrades with OneFS: Increased Resiliency at Core Data Center

Non-Disruptive Upgrades with OneFS: Increased Resiliency at Core Data Center

Isilon CloudPools

EMC Isilon CloudPools extends the data lake to the cloud. Automated storage tiering integrates storage at the core with available cloud services from a choice of providers. Lower costs, gain web-scale capacity, and optimize resources at the core, while leveraging the cloud as a new storage tier for cold or frozen data.

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Watch now: Isilon CloudPools Software: Expanding the Data Lake to the Cloud

Isilon CloudPools Software: Expanding the Data Lake to the Cloud

EMC Isilon data protection software safeguards data assets to meet availability and business governance requirements.

Isilon SnapshotIQ

EMC Isilon SnapshotIQ enables efficient, enterprise-class point-in-time data backup protection and file restoration for your unstructured data.

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Isilon SyncIQ

EMC Isilon SyncIQ provides powerful, flexible, asynchronous data replication for disaster recovery, business continuity, disk-to-disk backup, and remote archive.

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Isilon SmartLock

EMC Isilon SmartLock protects data from accidental, premature, or malicious alteration or deletion with a software-based approach to write-once, read-many (WORM) data protection.

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Isilon SmartConnect

EMC Isilon SmartConnect optimizes resource utilization with automatic load balancing and network file system (NFS) failover of client connections across Isilon storage nodes.

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EMC Isilon data management software provides powerful tools to optimize storage resources and system performance.

Aspera Software for EMC Isilon

Aspera and EMC deliver an integrated content delivery solution to move large files quickly and without disruption over long distances using wide-area networks (WANs).

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Isilon InsightIQ

EMC Isilon InsightIQ maximizes the performance of your EMC Isilon scale-out storage system with powerful monitoring and reporting.

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Isilon SmartDedupe

EMC Isilon SmartDedupe delivers new efficiency and savings on storage costs without sacrificing data protection or management simplicity. Reduce your NAS capacity needs by up to 35%.

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Isilon SmartPools

EMC Isilon SmartPools optimizes your scale-out storage using policy-based, automated storage tiering delivering flexibility, granularity, and ease of data and storage management.

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Isilon SmartQuotas

EMC Isilon SmartQuotas delivers cluster-aware quota management and provisioning for your EMC Isilon scale-out storage — even for the largest storage environments.

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EMC Isilon A-Series Accelerator nodes allow you to easily scale performance of your Isilon cluster independent of capacity. You can now get the performance you need to meet tight backup windows and support critical applications and workloads.

Isilon A100 Backup Accelerator

The Isilon A100 Backup Accelerator is purpose-built to accelerate the backup process and integrate seamlessly into your Isilon cluster. Each A100 Backup Accelerator node supports multipathing and can drive multiple uncompressed linear tape-open (LTO)-5 and LTO-6 tape drives to meet your specific data backup requirements.

Integrate easily with industry-standard tape infrastructure and backup software and processes. Support both two-way and three-way Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) to accommodate a wide range of infrastructure environments.

Leverage your existing data protection infrastructure investment and simplify management.

EMC Isilon A100 Performance Accelerator

The Isilon A100 Performance Accelerator is designed for demanding applications and workloads that require maximum performance. With 256 GB of L1 cache per node and an aggregate throughput of up to 1100 Mb/s per node, the A100 Performance Accelerator allows you to reduce latency and increase concurrent read throughput for a cached dataset while gaining the ability to scale performance independent of capacity.

Support demanding high performance workflows and accelerate cluster operations including disk and node rebuilds, file striping, and file-based replication.

Isilon solutions

EMC Isilon offers the flexibility, performance, and scalability to support a wide range of 2nd and 3rd platform workloads on a single cluster.

Data lake solutions with EMC Isilon

Isilon data lake solutions let you consolidate unstructured data, cut costs, and gain new levels of agility and insight to accelerate your business.


Eliminate silos, reduce costs, and simplify.


Increase efficiency and optimize resources.


Leverage big data analytics to gain insight.

Simple to manage

Isilon’s single file system with single volume architecture simplifies management no matter how large your data environment becomes.

Operational flexibility

Isilon’s extensive multi-protocol capabilities support a wide range of 2nd and 3rd platform applications on a single Isilon cluster.

Unmatched efficiency

Isilon solutions deliver over 80% storage utilization and offer automated storage tiering to further reduce costs and optimize storage resources.

Massive scalability

Scales to 50 PB in a single Isilon cluster at the core and integrates with the cloud to gain web-scale capacity quickly and without disruption.

Enterprise data protection

Isilon offers up to N+4 redundancy for a highly resilient data environment and flexible backup and disaster recovery options to safeguard data.

Robust security

Isilon security options include role-based access control, secure access zones, data encryption, write-once, read-many (WORM) and file system auditing.