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Trust in the Cloud

Cloud Trust Authority

Reduce complexity and increase trust for public cloud service providers and their customers.

The RSA Cloud Trust Authority (CTA) is a set of cloud-based services for identity, information, and infrastructure cloud security as well as compliance reporting designed to facilitate secure interaction among organizations and cloud service providers. Participating public cloud service providers and their customers will only need to integrate with the Cloud Trust Authority to establish a variety of cloud security integrations with each other rather than establish individual point-to-point integrations. The Cloud Trust Authority will shield both sides from the complexities of their infrastructures and instead enable easy ways to establish trusted cloud security relationships.

Features & Benefits

  • Cloud-based set of security and compliance services – Facilitate visibility and control to promote trust between organizations and cloud service providers.
  • Provisioning and management of new cloud service providers – Scale use of multiple providers and ongoing management of relationships through simplified integration.
  • Cost savings – Eliminate time-consuming and complex multiple point-to-point integrations between enterprises and individual cloud service providers.
  • Secure access to cloud services – Manage secure user access and user provisioning to multiple public cloud service providers via federated single sign-on and directory synchronization with options for strong authentication using RSA SecurID technology.
  • Automated compliance profiling – Access periodic reports on security and compliance profiles of service providers based on Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and other standards frameworks.
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