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RSA Laboratories


RSA BSAFE Crypto-C (formerly BSAFE) and RSA BSAFE Crypto-J (formerly JSAFE) are low-level cryptographic toolkits that offer developers the tools to add privacy and authentication features to their applications.

RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-C and RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-J are designed to provide the security tools for a wide range of applications, such as digitally signed electronic forms, virus detection, or virtual private networks. RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-C can support virtually any global security standard; and RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-J is compatible with various industry standards, including S/MIME, SSL, S/WAN, IPSec, and SET (see Questions 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.1.3, 5.1.4, and 4.2.3). RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-C and RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-J fully support PKCS (see Question 5.3.3).

RSA has introduced a whole new family of elliptic curve public-key cryptographic methods to RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-C; which now includes elliptic curve cryptographic routines for encryption (analogous to the ElGamal encryption system), key agreement (analogous to Diffie-Hellman key agreement) and digital signatures (analogous to DSA, Schnorr, etc.). This implementation of elliptic curve cryptography includes all variants of ECC: Odd Prime, Even Normal, and Even Polynomial, as well as the ability to generate new curve parameters for all three fields.

RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-J is RSA's first cryptographic toolkit designed specifically for Java developers. RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-J has a full suite of Cryptographic Algorithms including RSA Public-key cryptosystem and Diffie-Hellman Key Negotiation, DES, Triple-DES, RC2, RC4, RC5, MD5and SHA-1; RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-J provides developers with a state-of-the-art implementation of the most important privacy, authentication, and data integrity routines all in Java. RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-J uses the same Java Security API developers are used to. The toolkit also includes source code for sample applications and easy-to-use self-test modules. This means proven security and shorter time-to-market for new Java project.

For more information on RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-C, RSA BSAFE CRYPTO-J, and other RSA products, see

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