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RSA Laboratories

Dr. Ari Juels

Manuscripts & Miscellaneous Presentations

  • A. Juels. RFID Security and Privacy Tutorial. RFIDSec 2011
    Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV
  • A. Juels. RFID: The Problems of Cloning and Counterfeiting. (slides)
  • A. Juels and M. Szydlo. Attribute-Based Encryption: Using Identity-Based Encryption for Access Control. Manuscript. 2004. (paper)
  • N. Frykholm, A. Juels, and M. Jakobsson, Jeu de Paume: A Security Suite for Handheld Devices. 2002. Manuscript. (paper, slides).
  • A. Juels. An Introduction to Mix Networks and Voting. Presentation at Workshop on Trusted Elections (WOTE) '01. (slides).
  • A. Juels. Coercion-Free Voting. Presentation at Workshop on Trusted Elections (WOTE) '01. (slides).
  • A. Juels and M. Jakobsson. "Millimix: Mixing in Small Batches". 1999. Published as DIMACS Tech. Report 99 - 33. (paper).
  • A. Juels. Provable Security: Some Caveats. Panel presentation at ACM CCS '99. (slides)
  • A. Juels. Executable Financial Instruments and MicroMint on the Cheap. Presentation at Digital Commerce Society of Boston. (slides)
  • A. Juels. The Equilibrium Genetic Algorithm (EGA). 1996. (paper)
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