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RSA Laboratories

RFID Privacy and Security

RFID Privacy and Security

RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) is a compact wireless technology poised to transform the world of commerce. It's an inexpensive chip that's readable up to several meters away. As a next-generation barcode, RFID will automate inventory control, cutting costs for retailers and manufacturers. Whether you know it or not, RFID is already making inroads into everyday life.

Privacy Risks for Consumers and Enterprises

Privacy advocates decry the risks of RFID: silent physical tracking of consumers and inventorying of their possessions. For businesses too, RFID introduces new privacy and security risks -- and a whole new dimension to corporate espionage.

RSA Security's authentication and access-management products can already help businesses authenticate RFID readers and secure backend access to their RFID infrastructure today. RSA Laboratories is now researching new techniques to help protect the privacy and security of businesses and consumers in RFID environments. We offer Professional Services engagements to protect today’s RFID deployments and prepare for tomorrow’s.

RSA Laboratories RFID Resources

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