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RSA Laboratories


In addition to our other publications, RSA Laboratories publishes short bulletins about topical issues of cryptographic concern. The aim is both to update the general cryptographic community on recent and important news and also to brief RSA Security customers and licensees about relevant technical issues that might nevertheless be of some interest to a wider audience.

Number 13 - April, 2000*
A Cost-Based Security Analysis of Symmetric and Asymmetric Key Lengths
(Acrobat .PDF, 240K; HTML)
*Revised November 2001

Number 12 - May 3, 1999
An Analysis of Shamir's Factoring Device
(Acrobat .PDF 135k; PostScript, 929k; HTML)

Number 11 - April 23, 1999
Recent Results on Signature Forgery
(Acrobat .PDF, 119k; PostScript, 946k; HTML)

Number 10 - March 8, 1999
The Factorization of RSA-140
(Acrobat .PDF, 168K; PostScript, 798k)

Number 9 - February 23, 1999
A Note on the Security of the OAEP-Enhanced RSA Public-Key Encryption Scheme
(Acrobat .PDF, 200k; PostScript, 881k)

Number 8 - September 3, 1998
Preliminary Analysis of the BSAFE 3.x Pseudorandom Number Generators
(Acrobat .PDF, 344k; PostScript, 1.65mb)

Number 7 - June 26, 1998
Recent Results on PKCS #1: RSA Encryption Standard
(Acrobat .PDF, 224k; PostScript, 1,050k)

Number 6 - July 16, 1997
Extensions and Revisions to PKCS #7
(Acrobat .PDF, 155k; PostScript, 902k)

Number 5 - July 14, 1997
Comments on Some New Attacks on Cryptographic Devices
(Acrobat .PDF, 139k; PostScript, 964k)

Number 4 - November 12, 1996
Recent Results for MD2, MD4, and MD5
(Acrobat .PDF, 235k)

Number 3 - January 25, 1996
Proper Initialization for the BSAFE Random Number Generator
(Acrobat .PDF, 200k)

Number 2 - January 23, 1996
Timing Attacks on Cryptosystems
(Acrobat .PDF, 200K)

Number 1 - January 22, 1996
Suggestions for Random Number Generation in Software
(Acrobat .PDF, 270k)

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