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Unified Infrastructure Manager: Purpose-built for Vblock
Unified Infrastructure Manager EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager for EMC VSPEX Provision and Monitor EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructures and VCE Vblock™ Systems

EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager for EMC VSPEX

Simplify management of EMC VSPEX and transform IT into a more efficient organization with EMC® Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM), which allows your customers to manage VSPEX as a single, virtual pool of resources. With EMC UIM, your VSEPX administrators can simplify and automate the critical functions necessary to efficiently and rapidly respond to IT requests.


EMC UIM simplifies the creation of clusters across VPLEX volumes, for both local and metro configurations. A VSPEX administrator can easily create and provision an infrastructure service with VPLEX storage, with only a few mouse clicks. Automation will make provisioned storage volumes visible to VPLEX, will create a VPLEX virtual volume, map and mask virtual volumes to the blades and creates a stretch cluster within vCenter. This enables virtual machines to be seamlessly moved from one VSPEX to another with VMware vMotion.


When business needs dictate, the VSPEX administrator can quickly change existing configurations. This is easily accomplished with non-disruptive elastic provisioning, giving an administrator the ability to add or release infrastructure components (blades, storage, and VLANs) within that infrastructure service, or sync to a different VMware vCenter.

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